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An epic celestial mythology
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Going to Australia and coming back to the U.S.  I am very fortunate that any of the planes that I was riding on did not had any of the problems that some planes had.  The pilots were flying the planes very professionally, the weather were very favorable, and the mechanics did their jobs exceptionally well.  On the day that I came home and after all of my flights, I watch a show called "Survival of the Skies" and it dealt with the three main causes of airplane accidents.  The three main causes are bad weather, bad maintenance, and pilot error with terrorism being the fourth cause.  I should be fortunate.  Of course, airline accidents are rare for most part.


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My opinion about my life; Perfect=me being alive, not perfect=me being in the ground, DEAD.


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I want to know if my character, Itiki, is somewhat a tomboy or not. This is a full description of her personality. She loves to get dirty and sweating. She enjoys her time in the gym and in her martial arts training. Back as a child, she had no proble 

8 deviants said Yes
1 deviant said No



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hellbat Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for the fave.
Hidden by Owner
creationstar Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Claudia, let me make several things clear to you.

1.  It is call I was trying to make amends.  This was the worst way to do it, but it was an effort.
2.  Before my trip, I was questioning of what would happen to me before I got there.  It is very apparent to me that I would like the city more than the person.  That what happen to me in Perth.
3.  I enjoyed the city so much that I more or less forgot about her.
4.  Before the trip, I have lost any interest of meeting any women even if my friends from my high school days tried to set me up with one.
5.  About that comment regarding using Angel for Itiki, I created Itiki before I met you.  The only real influence that Angel had on Itiki was her looks, but that is it.  There is no way that Angel's personality would fit the world that I have created for Itiki.
6.  We humans will be extinct in 100 years by other means, beside stalking.  However, giving how my life been, beside the recent stalking activities, while in Perth, I will be committing suicide and be going straight to hell, period.
xXTransformersGirlXx Featured By Owner Edited Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Crystal clear, William.
Then allow me to ask you some questions:

If you truly wanted to make amend for everything that you did, then why did you never apologize when the chance to do so was given to you?!

Hmmm..yeaaaah. Then explain me why after you came in Perth you contacted her straight away, wanting to see her?!
She spent the whole evening after that with her family, closest friend and her boyfriend out of fear something could happen to her.
And is considering the idea to turn to the police, upon her bestie's - who's in the army and KNOWS laws stuff - suggestion for the records.

Perhaps because they were trying to give you some genuine help, for once! Still, it never crossed your mind that perhaps women might not be interested you because of your shitty attitude?!
Does the word "Don't ignore me!" ring any familiar bells to you?!

I don't even know why you're bringing this up out of the blue considering we're talking about more serious matters.
Anyway, with your words you're just further proving that you still copied someone else's Original Character.

Dude, unless you have the power to predict  future, I SERIOUSLY doubt that shall happen. Maybe something could happen meanwhile but..hey, that's life. It's unpredictable and that's why people live it day by day.

That of all things isn't the answer to your problems, you're well aware of it.
On the other hand, you're still in time to change your attitude - both towards yourself - first and foremost - and the the others - if you will accept the fact you really NEED help.

Help doesn't come alone though: it takes LOTS of willpower.
It's hard and sometimes it seems everything's lost, but..guess why, overcoming it isn't impossible.

Anyways..I'm just wasting my time here because even though I tried to offer some kind of help - mistakes are part of the human nature, calling someone out for what they did exists for this very reason -  you're going to refuse it the same.

You only want to get to hear/see what you decide you want to hear/see afterall...
creationstar Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
1.  You call me stubborn.  I do not have the maturity that I need for my age, yet.  It might be too late by then, but I should be more of a mature man in years down the road.
2.  My intentions was to never hurt her anyway.  I just wanted her see some drawings of mine.  Also, it was a suggestion from one of her other watchers.  That is it.  However, I will say this, if I was truly the 1% of a gentleman that I would like to be I should kept all relationship friendly with you, Ms. Rachelegranger, Ms. Sharky7, and everyone else in your group and moved on to find the right woman for me.  As you can tell, not.  I turn into a bastard and we both know the results of that.
3.  "Don't ignore me" does ring a bell, because I said it.  I hate being ignore.  The main reason, go back to point number 2.  The other reason, I did not like it when I was job hunting for 5 years.  That does damage to a person.
4.  I might have that ability, but even I am calling myself crazy on that one.  The only life that I truly knows is mine.  Everyone else, do not have a clue.  However, I do not see it since I do not bar hop and stuff like that.  Also, about the human race going to extinction in 100 years, I look that up on the internet and several experts are saying that based on the evidence that they have collected.
5.  I appreciate the help.  Your effort is not truly a waste of time.  The problem will always be from me.  I cannot say this about other Davis that you may have met in your life, but the Davis clan that I am a member of are known for our stubbornness.  My grandfather, Dr. George H. Davis, was well know for his stubbornness and I can be as stubborn as he was.  Even my own sister have not been able to change my mind and she can just as stubborn.  Even my own friends from high school has offer me some help and I never change my mind.  According to them, I am a truly wonderful human being that had to show you his truly ugly side back when you were having troubles back in 2012.  If I was truly that kind of human being, I should have showed you my concern and compassion, but did not.  I will do my best to be a better person since I have really big plans for the future.
6.  Ms. xXTransformersGirlXx, if I truly get the help, get my piece of shit attitude straightening out, and of course, stop this stalking, would that put me on better terms with you and everyone else in your group, even if that is years down the road?
7.  Despite of what you said, believe or not, I have her accepting that mistakes are okay.  I really need to be more like her and accepts her attitude for life.
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LadyKyuuketsuki Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave! ^^
kaisai134 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks a bunch for the :+devwatch:!! :D
creationstar Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your Welcome.
kasden95 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
Thanks for watching.
WolfCreeker Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist
Thanks You for Added to my devWatch!  mee !!
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